Gas Furnace Heating Systems in Charlotte

Gas furnaces are a very common way to heat homes in the Charlotte NC area! In fact, having gas heat is likely more common than any other type of heating system in this area! Natural gas from Piedmont Natural Gas is very affordable and clean burning, making it a popular choice of builders.

Although a gas furnace is a separate component of the complete HVAC system and primarily responsible for heat, it also has very key functions in your homes central air conditioning system as well, and needs to be properly matched to both the cooling system and the duct system in order to work properly.

In hybrid heating systems, gas furnaces are matched to the outside portion of a heat pump system versus straight air conditioning units, to afford you the ability to choose how to heat your home based on the lowest cost utility.

Furnace Service and Maintenance

Just like a car or even your body, your gas furnace needs to be serviced at least once a year, in order to run at its peak efficiency and not let you down (aka breakdown) on the next 40 degree day in Charlotte. We spoke to several area companies who all suggest a common message: Charlotte homeowners should have the gas furnace serviced by a pro every September for this area. Not only does it give you peace of mind that you’ll get through the hard winter ahead, but if any problems are found, they can be addressed during the slower season, and save you more money on the repair costs. (Learn what happens when you call for furnace repair)

Read the following pages of our site and from others across the web, to learn more about furnace repair, the cost of various repairs, replacement and more.

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Furnace & Heating System Repair

Throughout the guides on our site we have many articles to help you learn about furnace repair for your gas or oil furnace. If you need emergency repair service, we suggest you visit the HVAC Contractor pages and find a furnace repair company who can handle the repair for you, or use our convenient locator to get almost-instant repair quotes now.Here are several of our Charlotte furnace repair guides:

  • Replacement Furnace Costs – Rough estimates of the various factors that are going to effect what you pay for a new furnace in your home. No pricing.
  • Heating System Repair Calls – What to expect when you call a local company to come out and service your furnace or heating system. From the first answer, to paying the bill.
  • Heating System Tune Up Costs – Overview of what a few of the leading companies in Charlotte charge for furnace tune ups.