Charlotte Air Conditioner, Heating, and HVAC Repair Prices

When you need air conditioner repair or service, the first concern almost every Charlotte homeowner has, is how much money the air conditioner service company is going to charge you for the repair! From the initial cost of a service call, to the price charged for the parts, and everything in between, we’ll help you understand a bit more about what goes into the price of ac repair.

In this Charlotte HVAC article, we’re going to take a detailed look at the cost of central air conditioner repairs, gas furnaces, heat pump repair costs, gas and hp packaged units, as well the overall cost of general repairs and maintenance of your home HVAC system in the Charlotte NC area. If you are looking for HVAC replacement costs, please visit the Charlotte HVAC Price guide to learn how to get a rough estimate in less than 5 seconds.

Charlotte HVAC Service and Repair Costs

We have broken the Charlotte hvac repair cost guide into different sections below, based on general repairs that can be related to the overall system, or the repair being specific and only applicable to the service and repair of that particular component of the hvac system.

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* Please Note – All prices or hvac repair costs on this page are broad repair estimates. Each HVAC repair company in Charlotte sets their own pricing schedules, based on their own guidelines and company needs. The ONLY way to get an accurate repair cost estimate, is to have an on-site diagnosis, to troubleshoot the problem and repair the system as needed.

General Service and Repair Call Costs

The service call charge is the fee an HVAC company will charge you to come out and diagnose the problem with your home hvac system in Charlotte. Very few contractors offer a free service call anymore due to the price of gas, vehicle maintenance costs, back office support and the need to keep trained employees ready to go on calls 24/7.

  • $39 – $179 typical Service Call Charge *

* Some contractors may waive the service call charge if repairs are completed during the same visit.
* Some companies waive the service call charge if the system needs to be replaced and you sign a replacement contract.

General Costs Associated with Electrical and HVAC

Some of the costs of repairs listed below can occur when any part of the system goes down, and for several different reasons. The range in the general repair costs are due to different parts, sizes, availability, etc.

For example, on the thermostat replacement cost, a basic thermostat may cost $35, where a high tech digital programmable model may be $200 for the part alone!

  • $25 – $150, Fuses or Circuit Breakers
  • $Free – $250,  Relays & Switches
  • $90 – $350,  Condensate Pumps
  • $35 – $75 per Supply Vent, Complete Duct Cleaning
  • $250 – $450, Drain Pan Replacement
  • $80 – $150, Condensate Drain Line Cleaning
  • $80-$350, Thermostat Replacement


Charlotte Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Repair Prices

Central air conditioner or heat pump condensing units are the largest component in a home central cooling system. The condensing unit sits outside the home in the side or back of the home and in some cases, will sit on a platform or even on the roof.

Keep in mind as you review these heat pump or air conditioner repair costs, there may be other costs associated with, or included in the overall repair cost as well. For example, when a Charlotte company charges you $1200 to replace the ac compressor, that usually includes the cost of recharging the refrigerant, as well as any other misc costs associated with the compressor repair cost.

  • $550 – $1500, Compressor Replacement (It’s worth getting system replacement estimates)
  • $650 – $1800, Condensing Unit Coil
  • $650 – $1200, Indoor Evaporator Coil
  • $100 – $250, Metering Device or TXV
  • $150 – $450, Reversing Valve
  • $200 – $500, Copper Lineset Replacement
  • $80 – $200, Contactors and Capacitors
  • $100 – $350, Defrost Control Boards and Circuit Boards
  • $125 – $450, Condenser Fan Motor

Air Handlers and Furnace Repair Prices

Gas furnace repairs and air handler repairs tend to be slightly less costly than air conditioner repairs, due to the lower cost of the furnace unit itself. The most costly repair to a gas furnace is the heat exchanger, but in most cases, when the heat exchanger goes bad on a furnace, it’s time to replace the entire furnace. Labor alone on a heat exchanger replacement can come close to the cost of replacing the gas furnace, thus making it a questionable repair in most cases.

  • $250 – $650, Blower Fan Motors
  • $250 – $600, Draft Inducer Motors
  • $150 – $450, Circuit Boards
  • $80 – $200, Run Capacitors
  • $80 – $150, Hot Surface Igniters & Thermocouples
  • $100 – $250, Flame Sensors
  • $750 – $1500, Heat Exchanger (A labor intensive repair)
  • $150 – $450, Gas Valve or Smart Valves

The Repair or Replace Threshold

At some point, you are going to need to consider if repairing an old HVAC system is worth it! The age of your system and the cost of the repair can be very influential and most Charlotte HVAC Contractors will agree that once a system is 10 years old or more, major repairs like a compressor or coil, may be counter productive and you’re simply better off comparing the cost of repairs against replacing the entire system.

Have you had HVAC system repair in Charlotte completed recently? If so, why not use the comment box below, share what the repair was and the general cost you were charged by the contractor. It would also be great to head to the Charlotte HVAC companies section and leave a review of the company!

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8 Responses to “Charlotte Air Conditioner, Heating, and HVAC Repair Prices”
  1. who cares says:

    Just wanted to share that your condenser fan motor price is a little low. We just paid $560 to have the fan motor replaced on a 8 year old 5 ton bryant ac unit. Happy I got cool air again, but feel like I was slightly overcharged, the guy was in and out in just over 1 hour and the part online is only like $80 bucks. oh well.

  2. Mark says:

    @ Whocares –

    Thanks for the feedback on the condenser fan motor cost. If you are unhappy with the price the contractor charged you, you should call the company and ask someone to explain the cost to you.

    It does ring in a little high for an $80 part and 1 hour labor. Maybe the contractor can help you understand the costs a bit better.

  3. PO says:

    i just paid $180 for a contactor to be replaced i could have bought for 35 online, but it fixed the air and were cool again!

  4. Mark says:

    @ PO –

    When you factor in the costs of the service call (You didn’t mention, I’m assuming $180 was the total cost of the contactor repair) and all that goes into making sure the tech is trained, truck is stocked etc, thats a fair price.

    Thanks for sharing! Please go to the Contractor pages and leave a review of the company as well!



  5. Michelle says:

    $310 for a new contactor on our 8 year old gas pack ac unit.

  6. Barb says:

    $390 in labor costs for a warranty repair of a outside coil on a 6 year old ac system. 2 trips out, 6 hour job + freon. It also took 2 days for the part to come in butt the tech gave us (and installed) a window ac to use while we waited.

  7. Sharon McKinster says:

    We have a maintenance contract for HVAC. Inspection done 2/29/12. AC unit in attic. Condenser outside. Advised by tech: “Indoor coil has some black build up in it, took picture and showed customer, recommended installing 2 year UV Light System for $747.” Unit in new house built in 2001 by DR Horton. Every time they come to inspect, there is some costly service they recommend. We have gone along so far. I am becoming wary. Any comments?

    • si says:

      That’s what you’re paying them for maintence, and all their doing is recommending things that will help/or not help your unit out. You can always refuse it. But $700+ for UV system is a rip. I charge 1/3 of that. Let me guess M***** J****** installed it for you. But what do I know maybe that’s why I can’t advertise like they can.