First Heat Spell Hits Charlotte – Are You Ready?

Courtesy: WCNC Weather Page

Whether you’re actually ready for the hot summer heat in Charlotte or not… get used to it cause here it comes! According to WCNC weather , we are going to see a nice stretch of 80+ degrees all week here in the Carolinas, so if you haven’t had your home AC system serviced, cleaned or tested for the summer season, you might want to spend some time, either find a Charlotte AC contractor to come and do it, or read through these DIY tips and get it done on your own, before you realize its blowing warm air on the hottest of days!

Act Now – Before Contractors Are Busy!

If you are on a budget or have a person in your home who relies on the AC working properly, (elderly, sick, etc) You should understand that when we have extended periods of hot weather in the Charlotte area, local HVAC contractors are going to be very busy!

When the workload is in high demand, two or more things may occur…

  1. Waiting time may take several days for a technician to get to your home (if they have 100 calls, it can be hard to get to everyone)
  2. The cost of repairs or service call may go up, due to demand!

One of the other pitfalls of waiting for air conditioner service, is that when many people have to replace parts… the Charlotte HVAC supply houses can easily run out of parts early in the season! Think about it… if 500 people need a new 2 ton compressor in the same week… supplies can get depleted very quickly!

Are YOU Ready for the Heat in Charlotte?



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  1. Elk Grove Heating and Air says:

    Good point, always get it done before you have to wait in the heat.