Race Week in Charlotte – Be Kind to your Charlotte Heating Contractor

Anyone within 50 miles of Charlotte during the race weekend knows… you avoid the north side of highway 85 from Weds-Sunday, or just about ANY time that the track might be in use! The traffic is not only crazy, but they close down roads into what the NCHP calls contra-flow, making it harder to even pass-through the area.

During the October race week, local residents also have to face the fact that it’s the time of year when you may be starting their furnace for the first time, and need the services of a Charlotte Heating Contractor for emergency repairs or furnace replacement.

If you live anywhere near the speedway, one of the closest heating contractors is Parks Heating and Air, located just off Highway 49, and within minutes of the track. If you are traveling to the area in your RV and have problems, you may find that most of the local heating contractors in the area also service and repair RV furnaces, so give it a shot if you find yourself in a bind with no heat.

How do you get around the speedway on race weekends, and what would you do if you lived nearby, and needed emergency heater repair during the weekend?

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