Andersen Heating and Cooling

With Offices in Charlotte and Charleston SC, Andersen is well established full service heating and air conditioning contractor, serving our area since 1984. With a reputation built on quality, Andersen Services is a company you can rely on. Whether it is heating, cooling or electrical, our level of service is unsurpassed. Your Opinion Really Matters! […]

Duct Cleaning and Sealing

Summer is here in the Charlotte area, and if your central air conditioner just isn’t keeping up with the demand you need to stay cool in your home, it may be time to have the hvac duct system checked out. During a recent call, B&E AC and Heating told us that homeowners may need to […]

Fix A Frozen Air Conditioner Unit or Evaporator Coil

We all like ice cubes in our refreshments in the hot summer months, but finding your evaporator coil frozen into a block of ice, is never a welcome sign. Not only will a frozen evaporator coil prevent the central ac or heat pump system from working properly (or at all) it will block all airflow […]

Hot Weather Hits the Charlotte Area – Is Your Central AC Ready?

An early Summer heat wave is going to make its presence known this week with near-record highs, and the typical afternoon thunderstorms we’re used to in the Charlotte area. The heat also means we’re going to be expecting our central air or heat pump to handle the first real high demand load of the 2012 […]

Importance of Checking HVAC System Operation After Storms Overnight in Charlotte and Southeast

Dangerous storms in Charlotte and several southern states left quite a bit of widespread damage that will take weeks to clean up. After making sure everyone is safe, it’s very important for homeowners to inspect their homes and be sure it’s not in need of storm repair. If there are damages from the storm, you […]

Why Are Gas Pack Repair or Replaced More Often than Split Systems?

A very common question that’s often heard from Charlotte area homeowners, many folks simply want to know why Gas Packs or Gas Packaged Units, seem to have more problems, require more repairs, and need replacement so much sooner than split systems in the same type of home? The short and easy answer is also the […]

STR Mechanical

STR Mechanical¬†feels that nothing is more important than to give their customers the quality of workmanship that they expect, pay for, and deserve. By growing and succeeding on the strength of their reputation, they strive to take care of each and every need of their customers, employees, and vendors. Whether the needs are service, installation, […]

Climate Control of Charlotte

Climate Control of Charlotte believe that integrity and honesty are the keys to their successful growth each year.¬† Started in 2001, they have grown into one of the top heating and air conditioning contractors in the Charlotte metro area. Licensed in heating and air conditioning, boiler and refrigeration in both NC and SC, Climate Control […]