Severe Storms Came Through Charlotte Last Night | Have You Checked For Any Damage?

Severe storms rolled into Charlotte again last night and with storms, comes power outages, lightning strikes, downed tree limbs and debris. It’s very important to not only check around your home for any items in need of repair, but you should also check your air conditioning system for any damage that might have occurred. According […]

Importance of Checking HVAC System Operation After Storms Overnight in Charlotte and Southeast

Dangerous storms in Charlotte and several southern states left quite a bit of widespread damage that will take weeks to clean up. After making sure everyone is safe, it’s very important for homeowners to inspect their homes and be sure it’s not in need of storm repair. If there are damages from the storm, you […]

When Lightning Stikes | Insurance Company Replacement of Damaged HVAC

The rain filled thunder and lightning storm season is almost upon us in the Charlotte area. Along with the bad weather comes the inevitable homeowner insurance claims for lightning strikes on air conditioners and damaged home HVAC systems. In fact, lightning is so bad in our area that North Carolina is ranked #5 overall, for […]