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The AC, or Air Conditioning portion of your home HVAC system is generally made up of 2 main components. An outdoor condensing unit, or condenser, and an indoor evaporator coil, commonly referred to as your “A-Coil”, since its shaped like the letter A. Since the components are located in different areas, its commonly called a split system central air conditioner.

In the Charlotte NC area, the predominant central air conditioning system, is matched to a gas furnace that not only provides the forced air blower, but also delivers heat during the cooler months. The complete and matched unit is commonly called a split central heating and cooling system.

Central Air Conditioner Sizes

The size of a central air conditioner for your Charlotte home is going to depend on many factors! Aside from the square footage of your home itself, there are several important characteristics of your home and the surrounding landscape that must be taken into consideration before an accurate central ac size is determined.

Most residential central AC units are available in sizes from 1.5 tons to 5 tons of cooling capacity. If you need more than a single 5 ton system, you will likely need two smaller systems instead, which can be matched to work more efficiently than one single large unit anyhow.

Even though our general estimate tool on this site uses the homes size as a basic measure of the system you may need, a trained hvac contractor needs to perform a thorough HVAC Load Calculation on your home to be sure you are getting the right size system installed! Even on standard unit replacements, you should insist that the contractor perform a load calculation and provide you with the results.

Charlotte Air Conditioner Prices and Costs

Like any other product based economy, the central air conditioner replacement market is also controlled by technology and consumer demand. The four main factors in the price of Charlotte air conditioners are:

  • The Size of the Air Conditioner Unit(s)
    It only makes sense that larger sizes cost more money to make.
  • The Efficiency Rating of the Air Conditioner
    Higher efficiency ac units can definitely save money on power bills! That technology comes at a premium during the purchase and installation of the system. To learn how much a high efficiency AC can save you, visit
  • Brand Name on the Unit
    Higher quality brand names can be considerably more expensive than lesser known brands.
  • Outside Temperature
    When its 90 degrees outside the demand for air conditioner repair and replacement goes up. So does the price.

Air Conditioner Contractors in Charlotte

Finding an AC contractor in the Charlotte area is very easy! In fact, depending on your own priorties, you have a few different routes to take.

  • Qualified, Pre-Screened Charlotte HVAC Contractors
    Our partner QualitySmith is a company who screens local contractors for licensing, insurance and bonding, etc assuring you a qualified and professional contractor experience.
  • Choose a Contractor by the Brand
    Many of the air conditioner manufacturers have partnerships with local contractors who will only sell and install their specific brand. For instance, if you have decided on a Carrier or Trane Central AC system, you would want to visit their websites (Carrier dealers, Trane dealers) imput your home zip code, and find their preferred dealers closest to you.
  • Read Reviews and Ask a Friend!
    One of the most common and helpful ways to find the best contractor is by asking a friend and reading reviews at places like our Charlotte HVAC Contractor Reviews section.