Gas Pack and Heat Pump Package Units

Packaged units are all in one HVAC systems that are self contained in a single point system and located outside the home. In the Charlotte HVAC market, package units are very common due to the lack of basements and the widely popular crawl spaces in many of the small to mid-sized homes in the Charlotte NC area.

Package units are connected to a duct system that terminates on the side, back, or roof of the home, and delivers heated or air conditioned comfort. There are 3 main types of package units used in this area depending on the size of the home, the heating needs and the source of fuel available in your area.

Package Unit Types and Sizes

The three main types of package units found throughout Charlotte NC are:

  • Gas Packaged Units, Commonly called Gas Packs
    Air conditioning and furnace, with the heat source being natural gas or lp gas.
  • Heat Pump Packaged Units
    These units are all electric, with heat being from the heat pump, or a backup electric heat strip.
  • Packaged Air Conditioners
    Packaged AC systems are designed primarily to cool homes with all electric heating systems, or little need for heat.

Package unit size is determined by your HVAC Contractor and in most cases, you will replace the unit with the same size that was removed! If you feel that the old unit was not doing a good enough job of heating or cooling your home, you need to tell the contractor ahead of time, so they can perform a detailed load calculation, determine the proper size for your home and make sure the duct system can accept a different size unit. Duct system changes are usually required when the size of the unit needs to be increased.

Package Unit Prices in Charlotte

Just like other types of home heating and cooling systems in Charlotte, package unit prices are widely varied based on several factors.

  • Equipment Size and Features
    Larger units with more features and higher efficiency will cost more money!
  • Brand Name and Availability
    Just like split systems, the brand name you choose is going to have quite an effect on the price you pay! High end Carrier or Trane package units can cost 2-3x the amount of lesser known or lower quality units like Goodman.
  • Contractors Desire to Work
    Typical of any supply and demand driven service industry, if Charlotte HVAC Contractors are all busy, you can expect the price to go up according to the desire to do your project. If they have 10 other people lined up waiting, they may not need your project as much. It’s always recommended that you get multiple quotes from qualified pro’s.
  • Package Unit Installation Variables

Unlike split systems, installation is usually a non-issue when it comes to package units. Since the systems are self contained and packaged into a single compact unit, they usually slide the old unit out, put the new one in its place and reconnect the duct with a new piece of sheet metal. Its very common to have a package unit replaced in under 4 hours by a qualified 2-man crew.

The main installation variable is for rooftop units, which usually require a small crane to lift the system into place and take the old unit off the roof.

HVAC Contractors

Almost every Charlotte HVAC Contractor installs and replaces package units! The main exception to this are for rooftop units, which some simply don’t have the resources to get done. Finding a qualified contractor is a common task and easy to do using the tips below.

  • Third Party Screening
    As we’ve mentioned throughout this Charlotte HVAC Guide, our partner QualitySmith provides free estimates from licensed and qualified Charlotte area contractors. Click here for 3 free quotes.
  • Manufacturer Preferred Companies
    If you already chose to purchase a specific brand package unit like American Standard or Carrier, you should use their website to locate their own preferred partners. In most cases, you can only get the specific brand from qualified partners in their program.
  • Use Your Social Network of Friends and Family
    Ask your friends and family or use your facebook profile to find referrals. If all else fails, go to your neighbors and ask who they used to do theirs.
  • Subscribe to Online Reviews
    As you go through our Charlotte Contractor Reviews section at this website, you can read reviews from other sources at the same time by following the website links to other reviews from local Charlotte residents.