Charlotte Fire Department Reminder about Home Heating and Electrical Safety

The cold weather finally came in with force over the last few days and with no immediate relief in sight, the Charlotte Fire Department sent out a friendly and very useful reminder on their facebook page this morning.

The topic of the reminder was a well written message about their joint efforts with the US Fire Administration and the National Fire Protection Association, regarding fire safety and wintertime safety in homes.

From the facebook page:

The United States Fire Administration (USFA), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and your friends at the Charlotte Fire Department (CFDNC) are working together to remind everyone that home fires are more prevalent in winter than in any other season.

To reiterate the message, whether it’s overloaded circuits to dangerous heating system sources, winter is the time of year when homeowners need to be the most aware of how their home is operating. Freezing temps tend to make homeowners do whatever they can to stay warm, and unsafe heating systems and electrical fires are much more common!

At the Charlotte HVAC Guide, we encourage you know about the permits and inspections that are required when you have your home heating or air conditioner replaced or installed. The safety precautions set forth by Mecklenburg County and the state of NC are there to protect you, the homeowner from serious injury or even death.


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