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Air Unlimited Heating And Cooling

Air Unlimited Heating has offered high levels of comfort control around the Charlotte Metro Area and Matthews for over 25 years. Based on a foundation that consists of reliable, efficient, and cost effective HVAC equipment and indoor air quality products.

Having a commitment to their customers to provide the best service and value is what sets them apart from the rest.  Always ready to do the job right the first time helps cut down on repeated trips to your home.

The skilled technicians from Air Unlimited use the finest tools and materials and they strive to have the most affordable rates and personalized service in the business.

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3 Responses to “Air Unlimited Heating And Cooling”
  1. SRivers says:

    We had to have a new system installed and I was very happy with the price and initial salesperson. The technicians, while they were nice, did not look very professional. All in all, I was happy with how it all went!

  2. Anne Duffy says:

    Joe Lucas with Air Unlimited has been our heating and cooling specialist for many years. He has replaced two heating units and one air conditioner for us during that time, not to mention helping us hang on to units we had when we built our home in Providence CC 20 years ago until they finally just stopped working. He was referred to me by a friend of mine and I have referred him to everyone I know. He is honest, sincere, a great technician and can give us the best price because he works for himself and not a big HVAC company. Our warranties are the same warranties that everyone else receives. We definitely feel we pay less for the best. Air Unlimited always picks up the phone or calls me back immediately, even on the weekends. My husband and I highly recommend Joe Lucas and Air Unlimited!!! Cool in Charlotte

  3. Joyce and Fred Thomas says:

    Joe Lucas, with Air Unlimited, replaced two a/c units for us over 10 years ago. He was chosen over several other contractors based on a number of factors – one of which was his dog. He had a canine partner that came with him every time he visited the house, and Joe treated that dog with kindness and respect. He promised service to accompany the new units we purchased and he has never flinched from providing prompt returns to our call. He shows up in our driveway on weekends or holidays to make sure we are warm or cool and while the dog is no longer around, Joe always has a kind word and smile to accompany his stellar service. Many companies promise the world when we purchase their products…..but Joe is without doubt the only one we have found that consistently delivers on the promise. We know where we will turn when we need to replace these units again…and we hope Joe continues to be there for us. We highly recommend Joe Lucas!