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Charlotte, NC 28206
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Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning

Patterson Heating and Air Conditioning was started in 1946 by J. L. Patterson, Sr as a coal and oil company, but when the hvac business started to thrive in the late 50’s and early 60’s, he made the switch over as well.

At Patterson they believe that in order for a company to provide quality service, they must employ quality people.  Keeping up with new technologies and training, the technicians at Patterson are some of the most qualified in the business!

They retain the most loyal and qualified employees and managers by being a warm, friendly and family oriented business.

If you want professional service with a down home feel, Patterson should be your first stop!

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  1. sheila west says:

    I love Patterson!! We have used them on our personal home as well as for our rental houses. Always quality work! You should definitely check them out if you are in need of a new system!