Furnace and Heating System Repair

As we prepare ourselves for the typical Charlotte NC winter ahead, it’s always a good idea to make sure we know what to expect in case we need emergency furnace repair or any other type of heating system repairs during the colder months.

In case you missed our previous Charlotte HVAC article on getting fast service from an AC contractor, much of the same can easily apply! After all, the same companies who handle AC repair in Charlotte, are going to be to your home to deal with your Charlotte furnace repair.

What Happens When you Call for Heating System Repair?

When you call a heating contractor to have your system looked at, much of happens next is going to depend on whether or not you are a preferred, or priority customer with the company. Envision the conversation going like this:

Office: Thank you for calling our Charlotte heating company, how can I help you today?

You: My gas furnace is not starting up and it’s getting cold inside my home.

Office: Well, we can help! Are you a previous customer of our Charlotte heating company?

This is the point in the conversation that the way you are treated begins to differ. If you DO have a HVAC Maintenance or Service Agreement (commonly called PPSA, Priority Advantage Customer, or PMA) with the company, they will put you onto a priority service call list in most cases. This places your needs in front of everyone else who is not a preferred customer with the company, and can make the difference between 2 hours or 2 days of waiting time depending on the severity of the outside temp! Some heating companies also offer a discounted service and repair call rates for repeat customers. If you do not already have a preferred contractor, consider getting free quotes from pre-screened local contractors through a service like Qualitysmith.

We advise that you get your heating system checked BEFORE it breaks down. And, if you don’t already have a service contractor with your heating and air company, get one! It’s worth the security of priority service alone! Check the Charlotte HVAC Specials page for discounts or coupons from local participating companies.

When the Heating Repairman Arrives

After you get the details of the cost of a service call and anything else worked out, and the repairman is on the way, it will help if you go ahead and make sure there is a clear path to the heating equipment.

  • Make sure your crawl space door opens and is unobstructed, if your system is under your home.
  • Make sure there is nothing blocking access to the heating system. No boxes, no bikes, etc.
  • Assure that pull down stairs or access doors to the attic work properly.
  • Check that you don’t have clutter around the unit.

The idea is that when the repairman gets to your home, he or she will have unblocked and easy access to your heating system. If they have to spend the first 2 hours at your home clearing away clutter just to reach the unit, you may be charged for the time.

In most cases, the technician will ask you to describe anything that may have happened or led up to the system no longer working. Were there any obvious signs like loud noises, or was there a power failure, etc. These can help speed up the troubleshooting process, and guide them to the exact problem much quicker.

Always Get a Written Repair Estimate

After they diagnose the breakdown, you should be given a written estimate of the heating system repair that outlines the following:

  • All Company Information, Including License and Contact info
  • The Total Cost of the Heating System Repair (common repairs and approximate costs)
  • Length of Warranty on the Repair Parts
  • Length of Labor Warranty (If it breaks in 2 weeks, do you pay for the labor on the repair again?)
  • Methods of Payment Accepted, and Noted when Paid in Full.

Written estimates are very important since they are in effect, a binding contract between yourself and the heating contractor, assuring both parties are protected.

After the Heating System is Fixed

Just because the system is working again does not mean you are done! 🙂 Before the repairman leaves your home, make sure the area is left in same condition it was found, and that you clearly understand the reason for the failure to prevent future issues.

  • Check for dirt or debris that may be inadvertently left behind.
  • Make sure the floors or ceiling were not damaged, note any damages on the repair invoice.
  • Make sure you understand anything that may have caused the breakdown.
  • Ask if there is anything you can do to prevent a similar breakdown in the future.

Finally, consider returning to a website like ours, so that you can leave a detailed heating contractor review of the company that provided service to you.  Your reviews are what help others in the area avoid common pitfalls normally associated with all home service industries.

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  1. matt says:

    our heater broke over the weekend and we called out a guy from craigslist. worse thing I ever did. unless you expect to wait for 2 days and get told you need freon, $350 to fill-er-up, i suggest you call a pro.