Pros & Cons of Fixing Old Central Air Conditioners

The heat wave hitting our area this week has forced many homeowners to call their central ac repair companies in Charlotte, and talk about whether it still makes sense to repair their older central air conditioners. After the unit reaches a certain age, several factors like age and efficiency can make it more sensible to […]

Central Air Conditioner Compressor Replacement Cost

When the compressor fails and your central ac unit starts blowing warm air, you really need to decide whether it makes more sense to have the air conditioner compressor repaired, or replace the ac unit altogether. Depending on who you talk to, most repairman agree that if the central ac unit is more than 10 […]

Air Conditioner Repair Service Contractors in Charlotte NC

As anyone who experienced a broken home air conditioner in the past knows, there’s no good time to try and find a Charlotte air conditioner service company to come out! In fact, when its 85 degrees inside your house, the only thing you care about is getting the air conditioner fixed and blowing cold air […]

Cost to Recharge a Central Air Conditioner Unit

The first hot day of the cooling season is lurking right around the corner in Charlotte NC and many people may find that simply turning the thermostat on is useless, and they need to have the home air conditioner recharged! The fee HVAC Contractors charge to handle the service largely depends on what you get […]