How Much Does a Replacement Furnace Cost in Charlotte?

Heating season is quickly approaching here in Charlotte NC, and many of us will need to deal with gas furnaces that may not work properly during initial furnace startup and need repair, or even worse have a terminal failure like a bad heat exchanger, and need to be replaced with a new furnace all together. […]

Time for Gas Furnace Startup or Maintenance in the Charlotte Area, Cold Weather is Coming

Charlotte is seeing its first snap of cold weather for 2011, and many of us will head for the thermostat within the next day or two, turn it over to the heat setting and start-up our home heating system for the first time in 8 months. As we mentioned last week in our Charlotte furnace […]

Time to Get Your Heating System Tuned Up for the Charlotte Winter Ahead!

After a long hot summer in Charlotte, it’s time to start thinking about your home heating system again. Wether you have a gas furnace heat system or a heat pump with an electric heating backup, each home heating system needs a thorough tune up in September or October, so you can be sure it will […]