20 Ways to Get Emergency Air Conditioning Service & Repairs Fast

It never fails, your central air conditioning system is going to stop working at the most inopportune time! Maybe its a big party that night, or just another of these 90+ degree days we’ve been seeing quite a few of in the Charlotte area lately, but you can bet you need to have emergency air conditioning service or repair at the worst possible time! During the heat wave this week, many Charlotte AC repair companies have reported a wait time of several days to get to your home! Morris Jenkins of Charlotte reported 700 repair calls on one day this week alone, according to a report at WBTV.

So, after you checked the common reasons your home ac will blow warm air, and tried a few DIY troubleshooting steps of your own, how can you get the AC repair company to your house fast? Even after hours

In this Charlotte Air Conditioning Guide, we want to help you make sure you say the right things to the service dispatcher, in order to have the technician come to your house the soonest! If you want to help make the list better, add your comments to the bottom of the article!

List of Ways to Get Immediate Repair Service

Run through the list below and tailor them to your own needs! The most important thing to do is make sure they dispatch the AC repairman NOW!

  • Tell the Dispatcher You Write Online Reviews at Area Websites
  • Ready to Buy an Annual Service Plan Now!
  • Personal Friend of the Owner (Look up the business owner name first)
  • Big Party Tomorrow and You’re Invited
  • We have a Newborn Baby in the House
  • Just Got Out of the Hospital
  • Hot and Sweaty Guys in Uniform Turn Me On!
  • Someone in the House is Sick
  • Free Lunch for Everyone in Your Office
  • Husband or Wife is a Local Celebrity (NASCAR, NFL, News Anchor…)
  • Elderly Parent Lives with Us
  • We’ve Been a Customer for 20 Years
  • Dog or Cat Just had a Puppies or Kittens
  • Do You Take Cash? Cash $$ always Invokes Action!
  • I’m an Exotic Dancer and Have to Work in 2 Hours
  • I Work for the Newspaper or Local TV News
  • We are Ready to Buy a New System Now
  • Our Neighbors AC is Out Also (2 for 1 on the same visit!)
  • I’ll Be Outside By the Pool with My Friends
  • Pizza and Cold Beverages will Be Here in an Hour

What Else Would You Add?

How do you think you could entice the repairman to get to your house super-fast, even on a day when they are backed up?

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3 Responses to “20 Ways to Get Emergency Air Conditioning Service & Repairs Fast”
  1. Jack says:

    My brother owns a hvac company, so I just tell them he better come immediately, or ill beat him like when we were kids.

  2. Mark says:

    LOL Jack! Sounds like a great way to spend some quality time with your brother also.

  3. Wendy says:

    wow this is wrong in so many levels especially to those who work and own HVAC Companies they are people too!