Heat Wave Rolling Into Charlotte Area, Are You Ready?

Memorial Day weekend is here and it looks like the Charlotte area weather is going to provide what can only be described as a warm welcome into summer! With temperatures forecast to reach into the 90’s this holiday weekend and the added bonus of race weekend being here, we wanted to share some of our […]

Air Conditioner Theft on the Rise in Charlotte

Thieves, who are taking advantage of the high price of scrap copper in NC and stealing home air conditioners and heat pump units is nothing new in Charlotte. After all, if someone can enter the yard of an empty house, cut the copper tubing that c0nnects the air conditioner to the house and be gone […]

20 Ways to Get Emergency Air Conditioning Service & Repairs Fast

It never fails, your central air conditioning system is going to stop working at the most inopportune time! Maybe its a big party that night, or just another of these 90+ degree days we’ve been seeing quite a few of in the Charlotte area lately, but you can bet you need to have emergency air […]

Things to Do While Waiting for the Charlotte AC Repair Company

Charlotte and the surrounding area is about to see another blast of a heat wave for the next 7-10 days, and just like the last heat wave to hit Charlotte, you can expect your waiting time for the AC repair company to get a bit longer! While most of the local heating and air conditioning […]

Reasons Why a Central Air Conditioner Might Blow Warm Air?

There are many reasons why your central air conditioner could be blowing warm air making your house hot, and in this Charlotte HVAC guide, we want to take a look at some of the common things you can check before you call, or while you wait for a qualified HVAC repair contractor to come to […]