Things You Can Do if Your Central AC Doesn’t Cool Your Home?

We’re accustomed to the cool comfort of central air conditioning inside our homes in the Charlotte area where the heat and humidity can really make day to day life uncomfortable. But, what can you do when your home AC is running non-stop and your house still won’t cool down enough to maintain even a 75 degree temp on a 95 degree day?

In this Charlotte HVAC Guide article, we’ll look at several things you can do to make it through the days when your central air conditioner just wont cool your home. If your AC unit is blowing warm air and not working at all, that’s another issue completely.

Check That it’s Working Properly

As we outlined in the guide to your Central AC Blowing Hot Air, there are several things you can check to make sure the AC unit is working at its best.

  • First, make sure its there! There have been a rash of home air conditioner theft in Charlotte lately. If its there, take steps to prevent yours from being stolen.
  • Check that the Thermostat is Set to Cool, and Low Enough to Turn it on.
  • Change your Return Air Filters (Airflow is the life of your home HVAC unit! If you doubt that, place your hand over your mouth and try to breathe!)
  • Thoroughly Hose Down the Outdoor Unit! Even a little dirt or grass clippings between the coils will effect its performance.

If all else fails and the unit is just not working right, call out a Charlotte AC repair company to check it out! It could be low on refrigerant, or need some other basic system maintenance to help it get through these hot afternoons.

Things to Keep the House Cooler

Keeping your Charlotte home cool will help a struggling air conditioning system over the hump of a 100 degree day! Follow these tips to keep the indoor temperatures as cool as you can.

  • Avoid Using the Stove or Oven.
  • Close the Curtains and/or Shades on All Windows.
  • Run As Many Ceiling Fans as You Have.
  • Turn on Your Home Attic Fan or other Attic Venting System.
  • Keep Doors and Windows Closed at All Times they aren’t being Used.
  • Seal off Pet Doors for the Day.
  • Buy a Small Window AC Unit and Stay in That Area (Less than $100 at Lowes)
  • Shut Off Unused Electronics that Generate Heat.
  • Don’t Wash or Dry Clothes During Daylight Hours.

Ways to Keep Your Body Cool

The third and most important part of staying cool when the AC won’t keep up or breaks, is to keep your body cooler. It’s actually much easier to keep your body cool and trick it into thinking your house is colder than it really is.

  • Wear a Cool, Damp T-shirt or Wrap a Wet Towel Around Your Neck.
  • Keep Your Hair Wet.
  • Take a Long Cool Bath.
  • Sit In Front of a Fan or Under a Ceiling Fan.
  • Fill a Spray Bottle with Cold Water and Spritz Yourself.
  • Wear As Few Clothes as Possible or Comfortable (Bathing suit, etc)
  • Congregate in the Lower Levels of Your Home. (Warm air rises)
  • Put n Ice Pack or Ice Cubes on your Wrists or Neck.
  • Avoid Any Kind of Manual or Strenuous Labor.
  • Leave and Go See a Movie at a Theatre.

Contribute to the List

Surely, there are many more reasons we didn’t think of that belong on this page. Please use the comment section below to add your own suggestions.

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4 Responses to “Things You Can Do if Your Central AC Doesn’t Cool Your Home?”
  1. Billy says:

    whatever you do to stay cool today, make sure you drink plenty of water (2 cups before every meal) and keep plenty of water for your pets handy as well!

  2. Lorrie says:

    Can i suggest getting naked?! Nothing cools you off quicker than a cool shower and nothing but a towel dry! 🙂

  3. Joe Byrne says:

    I like Lorrie’s idea

  4. Bob Saget says:

    Go stand in a walk in freezer.