Heat Wave Rolling Into Charlotte Area, Are You Ready?

Memorial Day weekend is here and it looks like the Charlotte area weather is going to provide what can only be described as a warm welcome into summer! With temperatures forecast to reach into the 90’s this holiday weekend and the added bonus of race weekend being here, we wanted to share some of our […]

Hot Weather Hits the Charlotte Area – Is Your Central AC Ready?

An early Summer heat wave is going to make its presence known this week with near-record highs, and the typical afternoon thunderstorms we’re used to in the Charlotte area. The heat also means we’re going to be expecting our central air or heat pump to handle the first real high demand load of the 2012 […]

Things You Can Do if Your Central AC Doesn’t Cool Your Home?

We’re accustomed to the cool comfort of central air conditioning inside our homes in the Charlotte area where the heat and humidity can really make day to day life uncomfortable. But, what can you do when your home AC is running non-stop and your house still won’t cool down enough to maintain even a 75 […]

Things to Do While Waiting for the Charlotte AC Repair Company

Charlotte and the surrounding area is about to see another blast of a heat wave for the next 7-10 days, and just like the last heat wave to hit Charlotte, you can expect your waiting time for the AC repair company to get a bit longer! While most of the local heating and air conditioning […]

First Heat Spell Hits Charlotte – Are You Ready?

Whether you’re actually ready for the hot summer heat in Charlotte or not… get used to it cause here it comes! According to WCNC weather , we are going to see a nice stretch of 80+ degrees all week here in the Carolinas, so if you haven’t had your home AC system serviced, cleaned or […]