Things to Do While Waiting for the Charlotte AC Repair Company

Charlotte and the surrounding area is about to see another blast of a heat wave for the next 7-10 days, and just like the last heat wave to hit Charlotte, you can expect your waiting time for the AC repair company to get a bit longer! While most of the local heating and air conditioning companies will reschedule all but the most important calls during a heat wave in Charlotte, you may still find that you are 10th or 20th in line for the technician to get to!

In this Charlotte HVAC article, we want to give you a list of things you can do while you wait for the AC repairman to get to your house! Some of them may even help you get the problem solved on your own, and start to cool back off before they ever arrive!

Note: Even if you find that one of the corrective measures below helped to get the air conditioning run again, you should still have the company come out to see what caused the problem in the first place! Get Free Repair Estimates Now

Right After, or Before You Call for AC Repair!

Check your Thermostat

Make sure your thermostat is set to cooling, and that it’s at a low enough degree setting to have the air conditioning system running. Believe it or not, this is a common reason for air conditioning service. Some thermostats are powered by batteries as well. Make sure they are fresh!

Check Your Return Air Filters

While this may seem irrelevant, if your system is in perfect working order but the filters are so plugged that no air can pass through, the system will only run for a limited amount of time! Eventually, the coil will freeze into a block of ice and trigger an overload on the compressor.

If your unit is already a solid block of ice, there is nothing the HVAC company can do to help, until it melts. All City Heat and Air of Charlotte lists the return air filter as the one thing a homeowner needs to check every month to avoid high power bills and allow the system to work its best!

Check your Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers, or lack of power getting to the unit, are another one of the common reasons for air conditioners to stop running! Check your circuit breakers to be sure the main or secondary breakers are not tripped.

Most air conditioners and heat pump condensers will have a main breaker located outside your home, within a few feet of the outside unit, as well as a second circuit breaker installed to your main panel for the indoor unit. Check them both!

Check your Drain Pan and Condensate Drain

Even if you have annual air conditioning service, the drain line can still get plugged and cause the condensate drain system to back up. When this happens, many systems have a secondary drain pan to catch the overflow water and prevent damage to your home.

When the secondary pan fills up, systems are required to have an emergency shut off switch, that shuts down the air conditioning system until the drain lines are fixed. This is a safeguard that can prevent high cost repairs to your home.

If you glance at the unit and see water in the pan, you can try clean your condensate line first, and drain the pan to allow the system to run. NEVER reset the emergency shut off to force the unit to run without first cleaning all drains!!

If The AC Repair Company Can’t Get there Right Away

  • Cool Off in the Shower
  • Wear a Damp Shirt or Top
  • Go See a Movie at the Theater
  • Avoid Using Stoves and Ovens
  • Turn All your Fans to High
  • Go Shopping at the Mall
  • Run Through the Yard Sprinkler
  • Go Get Ice Cream at the Carolina Creamery

What To Do When the AC Repairman Can’t Come Today

Lets face it, nobody is going to be happy to learn that the AC repair company can’t get there until tomorrow, but its a stark reality when a heat wave hits the Charlotte area. Your name is one of hundreds that has no air conditioning and needs to be fixed as fast as possible!

When they cant get there today, you can:

  • Use our Free Service to Find Qualified Technicians
  • Call other Charlotte HVAC Contractors Yourself
  • Check for Discounts and Coupons at other Companies
  • Sweat it Out and Wait in the Hot House!
  • Go Whitewater Rafting at the USNWC
  • Stay with Friends or in a Hotel Overnight
  • Buy a Window or Portable AC Unit (Around $100) to Cool just 1-2 Rooms
  • Drink Plenty of Water and Don’t forget about your Pets!

What Did We Miss? Add it Below!

Join in and tell us what you did in or around the Charlotte area while you wait for the AC Repair company to get to your house!


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  1. Chandra says:

    Our fence got hit by lightning last week and the ac quit working at the same time. After dealing with the insurance company we ended up going to lowes and buying 2 window units for a couple hundred bucks. until we get the insurance check and have cash in hand, nobody seems to want to help. One company just about hung up on us on the phone, simply saying we dont do insurance claims, goodbye! rude rude rude!